Interface Building

C/ Tánger 98 08018 Barcelona

In mid 2008, Grupo Inmobiliario Castellví completed the construction of the new office building, located on the corner of Calle Tánger and Ciudad de Granada, comprising two independent modules, configured as if they were two unique buildings called “Edificio Torre” and “Edificio Zócalo” with a total surface area of 19,000m² distributed respectively over 12,589 m² and 6,485 m², as well as a 3-storey underground car park with a capacity for 300 vehicles. It is Leed Gold 2021 certified, with more than 1.200m2 of communal terraces and 450m2 of private terraces.


The “BUILDING 22@INTERFACE BUILDING” will be divided into two independent buildings called ZÓCALO and TORRE. It has three basement floors for parking. The plinth has a total surface area of 9,054 m² distributed over ground floor plus 4 upper floors. The standard floor areas are approximately 2,166 m², except for the second floor, which is 2,556 m². The tower has a total surface area of 12,589 m² distributed over a ground floor plus 12 upper floors and a technical floor. The standard floor areas are approximately 918 m².

– Open-plan floor plans with the possibility of partitioning and plenty of natural light
– Accessible access floor for electrical, voice and data cabling distribution.
– Ceiling panels for suspended ceilings
– Independent zoned air-conditioning system
– Surveillance and access control
– Closed-circuit television system
– Lighting through fluorescent screens. Average illumination level 500 lux
– High performance communications infrastructure
– Vertical fibre-optic communications infrastructure
– Access to the various terrestrial and satellite telecommunications operators.