WIP Office Building

Ciutat de Granada, 121, 08018 Barcelona

WIP is an exclusive, state-of-the-art, newly constructed office building. The building is located in the heart of the 22@ district, within the Fabrica Pons block, which is being completely remodelled by creating a new green area and a landscape that complements the existing urban structure.

The building, as a WeWork tenant, is located between party walls and the will of the volume is to adapt to the pre-existences of the surroundings, in its highest part the building reaches a height of 24.62 m to adapt to the crown of the residential building.

This formal will of volumetric adaptation becomes a double functional virtue for the offices. On the one hand, the creation of terraces outside the offices allows for better lighting and also provides them with a landscaped outdoor space.

The floors achieve an internal floor-to-ceiling clear height of almost 4 metres (3.93 m), which is much higher than office standards in the area.

One of the main features of WIP is its elegant and distinctive façade, which offers a uniqueness different from that of a conventional office building that is generated by a curtain wall of metal profiles.

The glass has a specific screen printing, creating a two-tone black and white checkerboard pattern that gives the building a high level of solar protection as well as a high level of interior lighting comfort in the offices, without reducing visibility to the outside.
The thermal characteristics of this façade, the choice of optimal materials for their performance and their sustainable origin and the centralised energy generation (Districlima) allow the building to achieve high performance in terms of sustainability, obtaining the LEED GOLD quality seal.

Building sold in 2017.