Castellví Group

With a long history in the sector, Grupo Inmobiliario Castellví has established itself as a benchmark in the development and refurbishment of unique buildings. Since its foundation in 1982 by Joaquín Castellví Rey, we have been dedicated to creating innovative and functional buildings that transcend time and space.

Our patrimonialist vision has led us to specialise in the construction of avant-garde corporate buildings, being pioneers in the development of corporate headquarters for leading multinational companies. From T-Systems to Amazon, we have partnered with iconic companies that rely on our ability to realise their visions.

This is our legacy, and we are committed to continuing to write our story of innovation and excellence in every project we undertake.

Vision for the Future

Our core values of transparency, sustainability and accountability guide every step we take, both in our property projects and in our developments.







Innovación y tradición

Since the beginnings of Joaquín Castellví Rey, Grupo Inmobiliario Castellví has led the way in the creation of the 22@ business area in Barcelona, an emblem of innovation and progress. Fusing the boldness of innovation with the legacy of our tradition, we keep our founder's vision alive.

We are committed to the development of new projects and the promotion of first class corporate buildings, while at the same time we are committed to the refurbishment of unique spaces in the tertiary and residential sectors.

Sustainable Commitment

Conscious of our responsibility to the environment and future generations, every project we undertake reflects our commitment to sustainability and respect for the environment, awarding our properties the coveted 'LEED' certification.


At Grupo Inmobiliario Castellví, we are passionate about what we do. Our main objective is to offer the best service.

José Luis López, Managing Director of Grupo Inmobiliario Castellví, leads the in-house team with more than 30 years of experience in the real estate sector, providing vision and expertise.

Andrea Castellví, Financial Director, has 10 years of experience leading the financial department, ensuring solidity and efficiency in the company's financial operations.

Gema Castellví, Business Development Director, drives the growth and expansion of the company with her strategic capacity and commercial vision, identifying opportunities and developing new initiatives.

In addition, the group has highly specialised external collaborators in various areas, complementing the internal work and contributing to the success of the company's ambitious projects.

At Grupo Castellví, the passion for creating unique and functional spaces is combined with a commitment to progress and sustainability.